East Dekalb Girls Fastpitch Softball Association (EDGFSA)

East Dekalb Girls Fastpitch Softball Association

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When does the next league season start?
    Spring session games usually start in March each year.
  • How can I get on a team?
    EDGFSA consists of several park associations. Each park association forms teams from individual or group registrants. If you have one or more teams, you may join EDGFSA as a park association by contacting us at edgfsa@yahoo.com. Please contact individual parks under Park Associations heading for information about signing up as an individual.
  • How can my park association become a member of EDGFSA?
    If you have or are developing a softball program for girls between the ages of 6 - 18 and are in the East Dekalb area, we invite you to play with us! Please contact us at edgfsa@yahoo.com for more information.
  • How can I be a member of EDGFSA board?
    Members of the EDGFSA board are volunteers generally consisting of representatives from each of the member park associations and an Executive Committee (elected annually). It is highly recommended that each park association have at least 3 representatives serve on EDGFSA board to insure that their interests are consistently represented, and to keep the park informed and involved in EDGFSA's decision-making. To become a member of the board, contact your park association's president about becoming a park representative for EDGFSA.


  • What rules do EDGFSA use?
    Rules are important to keep an organization running smoothly, in order, fairly and consistently. EDGFSA is governed by several sets of rules.
    Teams/Games/Protests: ASA, EDGFSA Rules of Play
    Board: EDGFSA Bylaws, Roberts Rules of Order
  • When and how are game protests filed?
    A protest will be considered by the board if it involves a misapplied rule NOT a judgment call. For specific details, see http://edgfsa.org/documents/faq-protest.txt.

    Where there is a protest during the game, initial protest must be made to umpire when event occurs (as appropriate), not after the game. At the time of protest, coach must have umpire sign the rule book. EDGFSA has specific protest procedures, which can be found under our Rules & Forms link on the left navigation menu of our website under "Team Administration".
  • Why ASA rules?
    ASA rules are well-established and well-recognized softball rules. Teams that play in EDGFSA are ASA certified. ASA rules were found to be the appropriate rules to use for the teams that play in our league.
  • Why additional EDGFSA rules?
    EDGFSA rules were developed to keep the game of softball fair and fun for the players. While ASA rules generally are sufficient for the game, EDGFSA rules are tailored to fit the best interests of the players within the league. Note: EDGFSA rules prevail if in conflict with an ASA rule in EDGFSA scheduled games .
  • Why NOCSAE helmets?
    ASA rules now require that batter/batter-runners wear helmets with facemasks which have NOCSAE seal. These helmets have been found to be the safest for the players. Safety of our players is very important to EDGFSA. There are many brands that carry helmets with the NOCSAE seal at different prices. After being introduced to and discussed by the board, this requirement was considered to be reasonable.
  • What about safety balls?
    EDGFSA has a desire to provide variety and challenge to our players. It has also been a goal to encourage the players to develop their skills to play competitively and prepare for tournament play. In order to do this, EDGFSA considers the rules and tools other leagues and tournament players utilize to challenge and encourage the players in our leauge to improve their skill in softball. Except during practices and for 6u, our teams use the standard ASA softballs.
  • Why the Affidavit/Roster books?
    The affidavits and roster books were added to rules to make sure that the games were played fairly. This is a check/balance to make sure teams did not switch players and to ensure that only qualified players within the division are on the roster and playing on a team during a game. Requiring the books at a game was to provide an easy way to counter any protest against any team allegedly having inappropriate players during a game. The requirement also emphasizes and reinforces the importance of keeping the games fun and fair.
  • Why a forfeiture fine?
    EDGFSA established fines to serve as a strong deterrent against teams failing to meet the requirements/standards set for the safety and fairness of play for all. Due to game schedules, field availability, safety and other concerns, including a general respect of other people's time as valuable, a fine for penalties resulting in forfeiture was set as an adequate deterrent for failing to meet the requirements set forth in the rules.
  • What about specific rules?
    EDGFSA Board generally meets monthly and reviews its rules many times throughout the year. If you have a particular question/concern about any of the rules/regulations utilized by the league, please contact your park's EDGFSA representative and/or coach to raise this issue/concern with the Board.

    If you have a question about a specific rule of play (ie. "infield fly"), please talk to your team's managing coach (or if you are a coach with the umpire before a game).

    Just before the EDGFSA regular season starts each year, there is a Rules Meeting for the coaches. During this meeting, coaches/representatives are encouraged to ask questions to clarify points of emphasis and other rules of play with ASA representatives and the EDGFSA Board. If you have a question or concern, please notify your coach/representive. If it is pertaining to a particular rule of play, your coach/park representative can then introduce/address these concerns at the Rules Meeting.

    If you have a general question or concern regarding EDGFSA, please contact your park's EDGFSA representative (check with your park association's president to for contact information on your EDGFSA representative).

For more information, please contact us at edgfsa@yahoo.com.